Immersive Mastering Studio

The Immersive Mastering studio is equipped with a carefully selected collection of some of the finest mastering tools available.


The monitoring chain includes renowned mastering speakers by Lipinski Sound and world class conversion by Weiss and Digital Audio Denmark.

The studio also has a collection of secondary monitors and headphones, which are used to determine appropriate sonic averaging for the best translation in all playback situations.

The studio has been sonically treated to precise standards by Prime Acoustic, to create a highly controlled sonic listening environment.

Mastering Hardware

My custom Crookwood transfer console allows me to seamlessly choose between a large collection of analog mastering equipment, so that I can choose the signal chain that best serves the music. No two projects are the same, and therefore there is no one tool that is perfect for every job. At Immersive Mastering, I have built a large collection of analog tools that help me to shape a wide range of music at the highest level.


The studio features a specific collection of analog and digital tools to accurately analyze dynamics, frequencies, and loudness.

Digital Tools

Finally, I have a wide collection of the best digital tools available, to allow me to refine my masters to pinpoint accuracy. My plug-in collection is always expanding, and includes tools by Weiss, NUGEN, DMG, Leapwig, Fabfilter, Universal Audio, Izotope and more.

All sample rate conversion processed using Weiss Saracon DSD.


  • Justin is a true audio expert with an exceptional ear I know that I can trust. Justin mastered my album to optimum finesse, great care and with respect for my vision. I would not hesitate to re-contract and recommend and his services.
    Benjamin Barille
  • I was thrilled to hear my new album on vinyl. I had already heard the master on CD and loved it. Then, when I heard the vinyl, I was moved to tears. Justin handled the whole process like the pro that he is attending to every detail with skilled attention. What he delivered in the end is the art that we worked on together elevated to an incomparable and exquisite listening experience.
    Aviva Chernick
  • Justin’s careful attention to detail, experienced set of ears, and easy demeanor make him a mastering engineer of the highest quality. Highly recommended!
    Joel Schwartz
  • Justin is the only engineer I will let master my mixes. He makes me sound like a million bucks!! His knowledge of the dark arts is deep, and his communication skills are world class. Whether it’s multi-channel immersive audio or vinyl mastering this is THE guy.
    Robbie Grunwald
  • Justin’s mastering treatment of any material is always tasty and subtle, bringing spaciousness, focused bottom and smooth details to put the final polish on any mix.

    Ed Hanley
  • I have had multiple singles, EP’s and albums mastered by Justin and I’ve definitely found my lifetime mastering engineer. Justin always takes his time with every project I bring to him, whether it’s a personal project of my own or for a client of mine, Justin treats everything with care as if it were his own. Justin’s mastering always gives my work the shine, depth and warmth it needs.

    Nathaniel Wolkstein

  • I have come to Justin with music from various genres, spanning the spectrum and have always been blown away by Justin’s treatment and understanding of nuisances of a wide range of music — he makes everything sound better.
    Qais Essar
  • Working with Justin has been a great experience. I don’t let any song releases go live without Justin’s magic touch.
    Arianna O’Dell
  • Justin Gray did a fantastic job mastering my third album, “Traces.” He added that final sheen, making the strings sound lush and full. I’m very happy with the final product!
    Jessica Deutsch